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Shimur Lakochot 0.3


Keeping Up with The Cure 0.3

Video and sculpture installation

Curated by Tali Tamir and Gal Weinstein      

Installation: video projections, sound, ceramic tiles, iron profiles, epoxy, polyurethane, LED String Lights, foam LED light sticks, plaster, bubble wrap.


Sarcophagus Reception Bar 


video mapping and sculpture installation

Polyurethane and bubble wrap, led lights

Total size (HxWxD) - 125 x 280 x 360 cm, polyurethane bar size - 125 x 190 x 120 cm

video mapping: 720p video , 6 sec, loop. 

video mapping, Polyurethane and bubble wrap, led lights.

exhibition view (Photo: Elad Sarig)

frontal view, Sarcophagus Reception Bar .

"משיחה בדבש במחיר חיסול / Honey Anointment Clearance "


tv installation; 480p video with sound, 4min 14sec.

(video link upon request)

משיחה בדבש במחיר חיסול

stills from video. 

ceiling installation, detail (Photo: Elad Sarig).

Polyurethane casts on iron profile connected to LCD screen; Ceiling mount size:  200 cm


The entrance of Shimur Lakochot (Photo: Elad Sarig)


In picture 1 (left to right): Two polyurethane and bubble wrap on pipes; Sarcophagus Reception Bar (video mapping and sculpture installation);  משיחה בדבש במחיר חיסול / Honey Anointment Clearance (video ,installation)


"השמרן / כל המתוק הזה"   [HaShamran / Kol HaMatok Hazeh ]


HD video with sound, 3min 23sec.

(video link upon request)

stills from video.

Exhibition view  (Photo: Elad Sarig)

Elastic rubber tape and polyurethane casts on iron profile, foam LED light sticks, detail. (Photo: Elad Sarig)

Dried-In (Sauna Honey)

"Dried-In (Sauna Honey)"


HD video with sound, 10min 25sec.

(video link upon request)

still from video.

video projection on ceramic tiles box (Up in the picture), reflection of video projections on ceramic tiles floor, detail. (Photo: Elad Sarig)

Reverse shadow of the video projection.


Epoxy, elastic rubber tape, polyurethane casts on iron profile, detail. (Photo: Elad Sarig)

Still from installation.

Video: "Ravid-Kardashian (Anointment ASMR)"

           720p video with sound, 2min 30sec, loop


ravid freedman, ravid friedman artist, רביד פרידמן

Epoxy sheets, detail. (Photo: Elad Sarig)

Exhibition view (Photo: Elad Sarig)

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